Things To Know Before Joining Marching Band

7 Key Things To Know Before Joining Marching Band

Marching Band is one of the popular bands amongst people. It serves entertainment to its viewers. It can be an excellent opportunity for students to learn something new, entertain others, and build their careers.

But, getting into marching band can be challenging at the beginning. You need to know many things, learn, practice, memorize, and more.

I’ve created this post for those who are just starting Marching Band or planning to join in the future. You must keep a few things in your mind for a better experience and practice.

So let’s check some essential knowledge you should know before joining into marching band.

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#1 Heavy Physical Activities

Marching Band might look easy, but it is completely wrong, it needs lots of physical activities. Marching Band is one of those band that needs much physical attention.

There are many positions in Marching Band, and the marchers have to perform according to their position.

Marchers have to carry heavy instruments, walking around and performing their steps in sun light for hours. They also have to memorize their notes and so on. While practicing you may have to perform your steps for more than once.

Although, there are few position that don’t need that much of physical activities like color guard, equipment guard and more.

But, mostly you should be physically fit to make a good position in marching band. So if you don’t think you’re that much of physically fit then you can start doing GYM, Yoga, and some other physical activities in your home.

If you’ve decided to be in marching band then you can do well for sure but you just need to keep deep eyes on your fitness.

At the end of the day, your fitness will grow because of marching band. Thus, in Marching Band there are heavy physical tasks, which you have to complete.

#2 Heat of the Sun

Who likes the heat of the sun? The answer might be No One!

But, in Marching Band, marchers must stay in heavy sunlight for hours. Not only just staying, you have to carry heavy instruments and perform your steps.

Thus it can be pretty difficult for newcomers. So if you’re just starting or planning to start, you should be prepared for the sun heat. Although the staring will be critical, it will be normal after a few days.

There are a few things you can do to protect your body against sun heat that I’ve discussed below.

So don’t worry, just practice as everything is complicated starting, but it will be normal with time.

#3 Stay Hydrated

As mentioned in the last point, you will be exposed to the sun for hours. Thus your body should stay hydrated to protect yourself from dehydration and other problems.

Waters, Waters, and Waters. Yes, you need lots of water with yourself, whether practicing or performing in events. You have to carry more than 1 bottle of water to stay hydrated all the time.

Stay Hydrated

I would always recommend you to have 2 or 3 bottles with you, but wait, wait, not the standard bottles; you should have a long or a big bottle of water that is insulated to avoid the sun heat.

You can also bring one bottle of ice to freshen your face at the water break of your practice session to refresh yourself and protect your face.

The bottle of ice will melt, and you can drink the water from that bottle too.

So drink lots of water, not only in practice sessions, but you should also drink a lot of water in your home to protect your body in any situation.

#4 A Pair of Comfortable Shoes

To have a long practice session or to perform for a long time, if you need something most comfortable, is your shoes.

Because if you don’t have a pair of comfortable shoes, you may have pain in your leg; thus, you’ll not be focused on practice or performance. Therefore having good and comfortable shoes is important in marching band.

Often your shoes online can be pretty uncomfortable due to size issues; I always recommend buying shoes from your local shops.

Although you can also try online stores to buy shoes, you must be careful when choosing the pairs. Here are a couple of good options you can check on Amazon.

#5 Time Management

The most valuable side skill you can learn is how to manage your time to become a good marcher.

In marching band, you have to practice for long sessions, from 15-30 hours per week. So you need enough time to smoothly complete your other daily work or hobbies as well as practice marching band.

Thus, managing time is essential in marching band. If you think you don’t have that much time to give to the marching band, then it will be hard for you to be in the marching band.

So you should have enough time to get into the marching band. If you’re focusing your career in another field whether in college or later, joining a marching band might be quite problematic.

For that much time in marching band, you must also learn time management to continue your other hobbies and work.

#6 Be Confident Always

Marching Band is a good place to learn new things, become fit both physically and mentally, and so on.

In this band, you also have to be confident most of the time. Because in marching band, you will always have to talk with new people, talk with your seniors, perform in front of thousands of people, do discipline work, and many other things.

Therefore, you always need the confidence to carry on all this stuff smoothly. So if you’re an introvert, it is time to change yourself and grow your confidence and attitude.

But, it is also an excellent opportunity for introverts to learn how to make conversations and talk with people smoothly.

That’s why people always state you’ll learn so many new skills in marching band, which can be a blessing in disguise for you.

I was also an introvert, but I learned how to talk with people and always hold a good attitude from the marching band. So grab the opportunity to learn those essential skills.

#7 Listen to Your Seniors

Marching Band is a tricky skill to learn; in the beginning, people feel it is too hard, and often they leave.

But, in starting, everything is complex; therefore, you must listen to your seniors, what they are advising, and how they did when they were just starting. You can also often ask your seniors personally if you’re having issues with any particular aspect.

Listen to Your Seniors

Often people hesitate to ask their seniors but don’t do it. Asking your seniors or the advice from your seniors is going to help you a lot.

You may also feel bothered by your senior speech and that’s why ironically people call it “cult”, but always try to listen to their advice and understand their point. It will going to solve lots of problems in starting.


To conclude this post, I would like to summarize everything for you. So Marching Band is something you need lots of practice, physical as well as mental training. You also need time, attitude, and lots of other things.

But, the most important thing you need is courage and interest. As I told you, everything can be difficult initially, but humans can manage anything in their everyday behavior with time.

So that’s why I would like to advise, practice, listen to your seniors, watch videos, and read blogs to educate yourself more about marching band to succeed in the future.

Stay courageous to grow as a marcher as it is a thing that always needs courage and attitude to entertain others and satisfy yourself.