Is Marching Band An Extracurricular Activity?

Is Marching Band An Extracurricular Activity? [Answered]

Marching Band is one of the most popular activities, and it entertains people during sports & cultural events. Many students want to do extracurricular activities during their school and college days. Still, they are confused about whether the Marching Band can be considered an extracurricular activity or not.

Yes! Marching Band is an excellent extracurricular activity, and you can join this activity in high schools and colleges. There are several benefits of taking the Marching Band as an extracurricular activity. 

I know that after getting the short answer, you are still confused, to clear this confusion, I have explained what an extracurricular activity is, Why Marching Band is an extracurricular activity, and should you join this or not, and a lot of other factors.

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What Is An Extracurricular Activity?

According to Wikipedia, extracurricular activity is a kind of activity performed by students. These activities fall under the realm of the regular curricular of school, college, or university education.

According to data, more than 70% of students all over the United States are engaged in extracurricular activities. Some popular extracurricular activities that most students are involved in are Athletics, Professional Organization skills, Volunteer activities, service-related activities, cultural activities (Dance, singing), Arts (Drawings), and other extracurricular activities.

Purpose of Doing Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities have several benefits, and that’s why in these days, every school and college arranges some extracurricular activities for their students. Here in this section, I am going to explain to you what are the purposes of doing extracurricular activities. So, let’s explore the purposes-

  • The extracurricular activities help the students learn new skills, do teamwork & develop social skills.
  • The extracurricular activities are helpful for the students, and, most of the time, it boosts their academic performance.
  • Doing some extracurricular activities in schools and colleges helps the student to improve their time management. Most universities don’t have extra classes for extracurricular activities; therefore, students will give value to each, and every second they do something.
  • As a student, if you do some kind of extracurricular activity, then it will improve your resume as a student, and when it comes to applying for jobs, these certificates can help you a lot.
  • Extracurricular activities also help the students to develop strong communication skills with others.
  • The extracurricular activities are excellent ways for the students to continue learning outside the classroom.

These are some of the purposes behind extracurricular activities.

Why is Marching Band an Extracurricular Activity?

Many people don’t consider Marching Band as an extracurricular activity, but it is not true; marching band is a kind of extracurricular activity, and unlike other activities, it has a lot of benefits. 

Let’s take a look at how Marching Band can be considered an extracurricular activity-

  • Unlike in other extracurricular activities, here in Marching Band also, you will learn new musical skills.
  • The Marching Band teaches students how to collaborate with other members and work as a team in a band.
  • Doing Marching Band on college Days would help you to improve your resume within Universities.
  • Marching Band offers the students the opportunity to apply academic skills in the real world context.
  • The Marching Band is also helpful for the students to boost their academic performance.

All the reasons mentioned above are the features of some kind of extracurricular activity, and that’s why we can say that Marching Band is also an extracurricular activity, and there is no hesitation about this.

Marching Band is The Best Extracurricular Activity Than Other Activities

In the previous section, I already made it clear that Marching Band is an extracurricular activity, and now in this section, we are going to discuss why Marching Band is the best extracurricular activity than other activities. So, let’s explore this-


This is an excellent advantage for Marching Band members; when you join the Marching Band, you will become eligible for various kinds of scholarships; some of those scholarships are provided by universities, while the government offers some scholarships.

In fact, in some Universities, the Marching Band scholarships are given as a part of a package to cover the tuition fees. Learn more about Marching Band Scholarships.

In other extracurricular activities, you are not going to get scholarships. That’s why becoming a Marching Band member will help you a lot financially.

#Improves Physical & Mental Strength

Another advantage of doing Marching Band as an extracurricular activity is that it would help you to overcome your laziness and be in the perfect body shape because as a Marching Band member, you have to do lots of exercises.

Moreover, as a Marching Band member, you will become habituated to doing cardio and aerobic exercises during their practice sessions; as a band member, you have to march more than 5000 to 7000 steps in a Day. These activities will strengthen your body and mental muscles. So, if you want to become a fit person, then Marching Band is perhaps the best extracurricular activity for you.

#Free Traveling

Free traveling is an added advantage for the Marching band members, especially if you love traveling. As a band member, you have to travel freely within various cultural programs and football games at different locations. So, you will be sponsored by the University for this.

Other extracurricular activities don’t give you this free traveling advantage, and that’s why it is the best activity for travelers.

#Time Management

As a Marching Band member, you will learn many new skills, including time management. Most colleges don’t have any extra classes for the Marching Band class, and as a student & band member, you will learn complete time management skills.

All the advantages mentioned above don’t exist within other types of extracurricular activities, which is why Marching band members are always considered the best extracurricular activity.

Should You Join Marching Band as An Extracurricular Activity?

It completely depends on your wish whether you want to join Marching Band as an extracurricular activity or not. But from my personal experience, I want to suggest that if you have any kind of hobby like singing, dancing, drawing or anything else then you should focus on that. 

But if you don’t have any hobbies, joining the Marching Band can become a life-changing decision because you will get lots of things and learn many new skills from here.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I want to summarize everything that Marching Band is a kind of extracurricular activity and is one of the best extracurricular activities because it will help you financially. But, if you love other things like drawing, dancing or singing, you should do those things instead of joining the Marching band.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and if you want to know more about the Marching Band, Other types of bands, or different musical instruments, then follow this blog regularly.