Is Marching Band a Cult

Is Marching Band a Cult? [Don’t Get It Wrong]

Among hundreds of Bands, the Marching band is one of the oldest and most popular bands for many of us.

We mainly relate this band to different sports, but we can also find its remarks in various competitions, school & college events, and for entertainment purposes.

But, there are a few unclear doubts about the Marching band, whether it is a weird and uncommon spiritual thing or not; let us explain.

So, Is Marching Band a Cult?

Instead of cult, it should be counted as a disciplined attempt, just like the sports team or any trained group works. It needs much training, discipline, and practice. The band members also have to memorize their moves with music and perform together.

People may see marching band differently, but it is not much different than a sport. Like sports, it needs a lot of discipline, training, and practice.

Note: Ironically, people often call Marching Band a “Cult”. But it is not a reality in real life.

But, comparing or using the term “cult” does not seem to match with Marching Band. I’ve further explained it in detail, so let’s check.

Topic Discussed

What is mean by “Cult” in Marching Band?

The definition or actual meaning of “cult” is, A group of people who follows a leader and believe in weird facts or the opinion of their leader. It can be spiritual, ritual, religious, or other thoughts. Often they weirdly behave and do things that are not common.

In marching band, we can find some unusual movements or stuff that may force us to think about the word “cult.” Thus, often people think and relate marching band to “cult.”

Especially in lower brass, and we can see many examples. Also, there are some different points and due to which people think this as “cult”, those are discussed below.

Why People think Marching Band as “Cult”?

There are some reasons people think of the marching band as “cult”. It is not a cult, but the reason looks like a cult for normal people. So let’s check those facts.

# Addictive

In a “cult” group, people are so influenced by their leader that they don’t quickly leave the group. Or they may feel shame & bad about leaving the group. People see this fact as an addiction to the cult.

In marching band, we always stay close with our friends and leaders; together, we entertain people, and we sometimes win and lose. We used to do fun together.

So it is tough to quit Marching Band. As marching band members, it is connected with our emotions. So it is pretty addictive, so people think it is a “cult”.

# Rituals & Habits

We all may have different rituals or prayers, or habits in works. Like some people pray before eating, some are obsessed with their habits before doing specific work, whether for luck or something.

Similarly, you may often see different marching bands performing some stuff or habits before starting their actual performance.

So it may look like a cult for beginners or normal people.

I have seen many bands performing some stuff as habits or as rituals and similar stories I got from my friends.

# Leaders

In marching band, there are several leaders, directors, and seniors, and the juniors have to listen to them. Marching band is quite challenging, so leaders must be serious and disciplined.

And due to that fact, people may relate this thing to a cult group. As in a cult, there is also a leader who influences a group of people.

Often the leader orders the strictest tasks; thus, most beginners think it is a “cult”. Often ironically, people state this as a cult too.

Why Marching Band is not a “Cult”?

Let’s check why I think Marching Band is not something to be described as a “cult”. But, different people may have different opinions, so I respect everyone else’s thoughts. So let’s check why it is not a cult:

# It’s a Disciplined Effort

“Cult” is nowhere a thing that has the discipline and lots of effort. It has some weird thoughts and activities, no hard actions, and discipline.

But Marching Band is a tough thing. Members must be physically fit and mentally strong; they must memorize their notes, move with groups, and so on.

So, it would be a tough job for a person who is not that fit, but there is nothing rule in “cult.”

Instead, “Cult” can be described as undisciplined effort.

Thus, the cult is far away from Marching Band; it is instead a sport that needs a hard group effort to make it a success.

# Not An Addiction

As mentioned earlier, “cult” is something that people get addicted to, and they feel shame to exit.

Similarly, many people think marching band is also additive as members don’t like to quit it. But, it is more connected with emotion rather than addiction.

Staying with your marching band members in your group thick and thin is something you never like to exit. So it is not an addiction; it is a connection.

Therefore, again it is far away from “cult.”

# There is nothing Weird, Spiritual, Religious, or Rituals

In “cult,” there is religious, spiritual, or ritual extremism. They have extreme ideologies that influence the group in a bad and different way.

But, in Marching Band, there are no such things as extremism that affect people badly.

Although, you may find some superstations or rituals to pray for luck or others. But, it is not an extremist thing; it is a simple human behavior.

So there is not much connection between marching band with religion, rituals, and others.

# Leaders are not Weird

Leaders play a vital role both in Marching Band and Cult. In cult, you can see the leaders are unusual; their thoughts are different, and they have uncommon ideologies about spirits, religion, etc.

And the “cult” members have to follow the leader strictly.

In Marching Band, you may find the leaders are strict, but they are relentlessly training all the members and maintaining discipline.

As it is a tough job, members should maintain a good discipline and atmosphere of learning, practicing, and performing.

Thus, leaders must be strict and maintain everything to run smoothly.

Hence it is proved there is no connection between marching band with “cult”. Ironically people may use this, or they often say, “marching band is a cult, but not in reality”.

I hope the post helped you a lot, if you have a different thought you can always comment below and share with us.