College Scholarships For Marching Band

College Scholarships For Marching Band [Here’s How To Apply]

Many students want to join the College Marching Band group to get a good scholarship. Still, students don’t know how to apply for those scholarships and what scholarship they should get, so this article will explain everything regarding College Marching Band Scholarships. So, keep reading this article till the end.

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Do Colleges Offer Marching Band Scholarships?

Yes! Some Universities and Colleges offer Marching Band scholarships for undergraduate students, but how much money they will offer depends on the band’s size and a lot of other factors. 

In the United States, several Universities give students Marching Band scholarships as part of a package of several small scholarships to cover the tuition costs.

Moreover, some large Marching Bands hire graduated employees as part of their staff, and these staff are typically compensated through tuition reimbursement. But I don’t notice that Marching Band members get more money outside the United States.

So, joining the Marching band for only money isn’t recommended, and most students join it just because they love it, not because they are getting a lot of money to do it.

How Much Does College Marching Band Members Get?

Marching Band members are eligible for various kinds of scholarships, some of which are given by the colleges, while the government provides some scholarships.

Not only college students but, in fact, school students are also eligible for scholarships. From the 9th standard and from the 13 years of age, students are eligible for the Marching Band scholarships.

On average, a school Marching Band member gets 500$ to 1200$ scholarship per year, while the college Marching Band members get around 750$ to 3000$ per annum. 

Marching Band is a kind of extracurricular activity, and many colleges & universities award students for participating in various extracurricular activities, including Marching Band. But you have to be eligible for the Scholarships because some scholarship providers set specific criteria for getting the scholarships. Some providers have age requirements, while some other providers have location criteria.

Moreover, how much money you will get a scholarship as a Marching Band member also depends on what kind of instrument you will play in the college Marching band.

Generally, the rarer the instrument is, the higher the chances for a student musician to get a high scholarship. Instruments like harp, tuba and Basson have high scholarships, while the instruments like trumpets and drums have low scholarships.

So, you can notice how much scholarship you will get as a Marching Band college member that doesn’t depend on one particular thing; instead, it depends on many other factors.

What Colleges Give Marching Band Scholarships?

Numerous universities all over the world offer Marching Band scholarships to its members, and here in this section, I have mentioned some famous Universities & colleges names that provide high scholarships to their Marching Band members; so, keep let’s check out-

  • North California University Marching Band Scholarship (Approx 3000$ Per annum)
  • University of South Alabama Band Scholarship (Approx 12000$ Per annum)
  • University of Oklahoma Band Scholarship 
  • Bowling Green State University

Some of the top universities worldwide offer excellent Marching Band scholarships for students. But to become eligible for these scholarships, you must gain lots of musical instrument knowledge. Other Universities also offer Scholarships for Marching Band students but not as much as these Universities provide.

How To Get A Scholarship For Marching Band?

Getting scholarships from your college as a Marching Band member is not that easy, and by joining the Marching band group doesn’t mean that you are open to the scholarship; you have to follow a complete process to get a scholarship from the college Marching band.

Here I am going to tell you the entire process by which you can apply for the college Marching band scholarships, and here I am also going to reveal how you can prepare yourself for the college Marching Band scholarships. So, let’s take a look-

#Start Early

The first preparation you can take is that you should join the Marching band as early as possible because from an experience standpoint performing in the school Marching Band is important.

Many talent recruiters prefer candidates with some prior experience playing in Marching Band. So, if you join your school Marching Band, it will be beneficial for you.

#Pick Instrument

Another thing that you can do is to pick an instrument for the Marching band and master that instrument; it will help you a lot. Generally, there is no need to become a music major to enter the College Marching Band, but if you learn to play any instrument in the band, you will have an extra advantage over others.

#Selecting The Perfect College

You must select a perfect college to get a scholarship from your college as a Marching Band member. Picking the right college is important because many Universities & colleges don’t provide any scholarships to the students.

So, before choosing the college, do appropriate research about the college Marching Band.

#Attend College Band Camp

After choosing the college and joining the college Marching Band, you have to raise your profile as a Marching Band member; to do so; you must attend the band camp regularly. Most colleges and Universities offer some forms of summer band camps, and you can join these camps and talk with the other band members who will give direction to you.

Moreover, you can also interact with Marching Band directors and admission officials and indicate your interest to apply in the scholarships. They will guide you in becoming eligible for the Marching Band Scholarships.


After interacting with the Marching Band director and admission officials, they would take your auditions where you have to play the instrument that you are going to play for Marching Band. After the audition, they will tell you whether you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

In Many colleges, there are no auditions for the Marching Band, and if you don’t want to play any instrument, then there is no need to worry about that because there are other posts.

This is the entire process of getting the Scholarships from your College Marching Band, and if you take prior preparations before joining the Marching band group, then it would help you a lot.

Final Thoughts

So, after discussing all the facts, it’s clear that how many scholarships you will get as a Marching Band member entirely depend on a lot of factors, including which position you are going to handle, What instruments you are going to play and whether you have prior knowledge of the Marching Band or not.

I hope this article clears all of your doubts about the College Marching Band Scholarships. Keep following this blog regularly to learn more about the College Marching Bands, Musical instruments and other factors.